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An Evening with Tranimationer Lasse Persson / Lisa Tulin




Award winning Swedish director Lasse Persson / Lisa Tulin will talk about animation and transvestism. Lasse’s / Lisa’s shorts: Bikini, Hand in Hand and Honey Bunny will be shown as part of this year’s animation collection. The films have won several prizes at film festivals around the world and have been shown on international TV including American MTV, French ARTE and British Channel 4.


After the screening of the animation programme there will be time for a Q & A with Lasse / Lisa.

In support with the Swedish Consulate  and Swedish Film Institute 



Director Lasse Persson Country Sweden Running time 7min Year 2004

Bikini is a drawn musical about a youngster afraid of coming out…afraid of coming out of the locker. It is the summer of 1960. The place is a beach where two happy twins comes to take a morning swim together with a girl friend with a pointed breast.

Hand in Hand

Director Lasse Persson Country Sweden Running time 4min Year 1996

Four graceful girls of different skin colors are about to perform a beautiful tightrope dance high above the ground in sisterhood. But they are stopped by their prejudice and have to take bitter consequences. Prizes and Awards 1996 Bilbao International Film Festival of Documentary and Short Films: Golden Mikeldi

Honey Bunny

Director Lasse Persson Country Sweden Running time 5min Year 1992

A little man with a long thin nose is coming with his hot desires to a restaurant and orders ”Honey-Bunny”. The big waitress is not sure what he means but does everything she can to help.



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