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German Gay Cinema in the Eighties



Following the screening of Coming Out you will have the chance to meet Matthias Freihof. He played the leading role of Phillip in Heiner Carow’s film Coming Out in 1989. It won him major acclaim and today it remains his biggest success. He and the film won prizes in several festivals as best actor and best film as well as "The Silver Bear" in the Berlin Film Festival 1990.



Today Matthias Freihof is one of the most variable actors and singers in the Berlin Art Scene. His regular stage appearances as entertainer, performing American musical songs, French "chansons", Greek and even Lebanese love songs as well as new and old German songs attract large groups of fans of different ages. His dynamism on stage and his outstanding and flexible voice win high praise and excellent reviews.

Having visited the Soviet Union in 1976 Matthias Freihof gladly accepted the invitation to take part in this year’s Side by Side LGBT Film Festival eager to talk about the film Coming Out, as well to see how things have changed in Russia!



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