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A  P  R  I  C  O  T    G  R  O  V  E  S


In light of cultural and familial obligations, to what lengths will someone go for the person they love?

Aram, an Iranian-Armenian trans man living in the U.S. since childhood, returns to Armenia to meet his girlfriend’s conservative family. Over the course of the day-long journey, Aram’s brother helps him prepare for the meeting, while also coming to terms with Aram’s transition.

Written and directed by Pouria Heidary Oureh, this quiet and introspective film beautifully illustrates the bittersweetness of reconnecting with a culture that may not be accepting of who you have become.

A  W  A  R  D  S

2017 | Out Here Now: The Kansas City LBGT Film Festival, Narrative Feature Courage Award

2017 | Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam, Best Mix/Other Feature Audience Award  


S  C  H  E  D  U  L  E

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