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Cheryl Furjanic  | USA | 2014 | 87 min.

Greg Louganis is the most extraordinary Olympic diver of all time, a beloved American hero, and a pioneer in breaking barriers. When he came out as gay and having AIDS two decades ago—a time when openly gay athletes were exceedingly rare and AIDS was still a highly stigmatized and almost uniformly fatal disease – he changed the course of American history.

Back on Board chronicles Louganis’ thrilling rise from lonely, abused child to universally acclaimed superstar athlete, drawing on never-before-seen archival footage that reminds viewers of what made Greg Louganis a singular and cherished figure in the history of Olympic sports. With unprecedented access, Back on Board follows Greg over the past three years, through financial struggles that threaten to bankrupt him and cost him his house.

This thoroughly engaging film offers an intimate portrait of a still vital athlete who is forced to re-evaluate his life, his choices, his relationships, and his career as he ultimately re-emerges on the world stage with legendary grace to combat prejudice, promote respect, and to mentor a new generation of young athletes.


2015 | Outfest Los Angeles Film Festival | Audience Award



                            GREG LOUGANIS 


                         EVGENY PISEMSKY 








   20.00 - 23.00

250 | 200* Rubles  


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