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Jacques Martineau & Olivier Ducastel   | France | 2016 | 97 min.

Théo and Hugo encounter each other’s bodies in a sex club. They talk, things blur into the haziness of unbridled desire, then take shape for a moment as their gaze meets before they resume their exploration and lose themselves anew.

A few moments later the two men feel the need to go outside. Together they drift down the deserted streets of nocturnal Paris.

Suddenly they find themselves confronted by a sense of reality that wipes out their freedom and aimlessness and lends each step an existential helplessness. Do they want to know more about each other? Will their trust be rewarded? What are their expectations?

Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau display consummate sensitivity in bringing us closer to two men as they strive for intimacy in spite of being stalled by their insecurity. Their two leading actors delight us with their remarkably intuitive performances and their incredible charm.


2016 | Berlin International Film Festival | Teddy Audience Award, 2016 | FilmOut San Diego | Best Actor, Best International Feature










                 JACQUES MARTINEAU 


                          OLIVIER DUCASTEL 


                  ALEXANDER ZHELEZKIN 




   18.30 - 21.15


250 | 200* Rubles

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