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David Fardmar



Statement: To get the opportunity to have our Swedish short film A LAST FAREWELL (ETT SISTA FARVÄL) screened at the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival here in Saint Petersburg is such a huge honor, and that I've been invited to attend the festival is amazing and something I've been longing to do for some years now.
Back home in Sweden we all have been following your country's struggle to express your voice regarding the LGBT rights and also for continuing with this extremely important film festival, and the work that you're doing to keep the fire burning is amazing!
A Last Farewell is about life and death in a family and how they deal with that, and it just so happens to be about a rainbow family, but that's not the main issue in the story. That's part of why I wanted to produce this film, and it's going to be very interesting to see how our film is going to be received by the audience.
Hopefully I will be able to meet some Russian rainbow families and speak with them to hear their stories to take back home with me to Sweden. The film has been screened at film festivals all over the world, but this is going to be the most important one for sure!
David Fardmar - is a producer, director, writer and casting director based in Göteborg, Sweden. His exam short film from The Swedish School of Television, ”The Happiest Day”, premiered at the Göteborg International Film Festival 2002. In 2003 he started Rolands Hörna Film where he has worked as a casting director for TV-series and feature films (”Shed No Tears”, ”She Monkeys” ”Ciao Bella” & ”Storm”).
His multi-award winning short film ”My Name is Love” (2008), which he wrote and directed, has screened at over 60 film festivals. He produced the novella film ”Life is tennis” (2009), and directed & produced ”A Sting of Maud” which won Best Swedish Novella Film/Audience Award at the Göteborg International Film Festival 2011.
In 2013, David directed & produced the feature film ”No Tears Behind the Camera” and also produced the now multi-award winning short film ”A Last Farewell”, directed by Casper Andreas.




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