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Elena Klimova

Elena Klimova: ““500 songs and nothing to sing,” so goes a song by B.G. (a cult Russian singer-songwriter Boris Grebenshikov), and I have 700 letters and a lot to say. Seven hundred – that’s how many letters “Children-404. We Exist!” received in October 2013, half a year since its inception. Seven hundred fates, fears, hopes, and disillusionments…

What do I have to say? My dreams are simple, naïve really. I dream of a world without hate, about life without fear, about people with no malice. It is so simple and yet so difficult. The most important thing in this world is to find your calling. Some help the homeless, others paint, others forge steel and I do what I can to help LGBT teenagers. To help people is the greatest happiness. I hope for a better tomorrow; I hope that everything is in our hands. ” 

Lena Klimova is an editor, journalist, freelancer and founder of “Children-404. We Exist!” – a project that brings together LGBT teenagers and their adult allies. Join her is discussion with Marta Cunningham after Valentine Road




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