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Marta Cunningham

Marta Cunningham: “I am honored and excited that I have been invited to participate and accompany my documentary, VALENTINE ROAD to the Side By Side International Film Festival. VALENTINE ROAD speaks of the injustices in my own country and highlights the cruelty and intolerance that still exist in the United States today. Russia has recently stepped into the spotlight and the LGBT community in Russia need our support now more than ever. I am here because I believe every woman, man and child deserves the right to be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. My wish is that VALENTINE ROAD can shed light into the darkness of hatred and change hearts and minds across the world stage. VALENTINE ROAD is a legacy to a young boy name Larry who never had the chance to create the world he deserved. So we must make a promise to create that world now, it’s a call to action, the time is now. ” 

Join Marta Cunningham and other guests after Valentine Road to talk more about the restriction of information relating to LGBT issues to youth and the devasting consequences it can have.  

Marta Cunningham is an accomplished actor turned first-time filmmaker. A native of Northern California, she was so moved by the story of Lawrence King's murder that she became embedded in Oxnard and soon began filming those whose lives were touched by the tragedy. The result would be "Valentine Road", a feature length documentary that was selected to compete in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and will have its HBO premiere in October 2013. At the age of 14, Cunningham danced with the company at The Peninsula Ballet Theater. She was awarded the prestigious Baker Scholarship at Georgetown University, where she studied English literature. She then moved to Los Angeles where she worked as an actress, writer, dancer and choreographer before focusing on directing and producing. Cunningham is currently in pre-production on multiple narrative films and one documentary. Social outreach and screenings of "Valentine Road" for educational purposes in high schools are important to Cunningham. She will be participating in speaking engagements at colleges across America.



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