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An integral part of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival is the interactive programme of roundtable discussions and debates which take place after the film screenings. All our roundtables and debates include an invited panel of guests and experts. Join us and express your opinion concerning a range of topical issues relating to LGBT issues and rights in Russia and around the world. Let your voice be heard!

The LGBT Community in Totalitarian Countries and the Possibilties of Resistance.

After the screening of Out in Berlin join our guests in discussion


Jochen Hick – Director (Germany)

Andreas Stohfeldt – Director (Germany)

Bettina Dziggel – Activist  (Germany)

Moderator Alexander Kondakov  - Researcher (Centre for Independent Research, Saint Petersburg)

Time: 22 November, 2013 (Friday), 21.15 – 22.30

Place: Co-working: Zona deistviya (LOFT Project) 2nd floor, 74 Ligovsky Prospekt

With the support of the Goethe Institute, Saint Petersburg

Young People’s Freedom to Access Information on LGBT

Discuss more on the issues raised in the Valentine Road with:


Marta Cunningham – director (USA) (Via SKYPE) 

Elena Klimova – Creator of Children 404 Project

Yulia Guseva - Educator

Moderator Arkady Gutnikov - Teacher and Legislator

Time: 23 November (Sunday), 20.40 - 22.00

Place: Co-working: Zona deistviya (LOFT Project) 2nd floor, 74 Ligovsky Prospekt  

HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the USA and Russia

After the film We Were Here talking more about their experiences of HIV/AIDS situation in their respective countries are:


Ed Wolf – HIV Activist

Time: 27 November, 2013 (среда), 21.45 23.00

Place: Co-working: Zona deistviya (LOFT Project) 2nd floor, 74 Ligovsky Prospekt



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