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Dennis Wielaert

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Join the directer of photogrpahy of Matterhorn at the festival opening!


Jochen Hick

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Join co-director of the film Out in East Berlin in a Q & A .


Andreas Strohfeldt

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Join co-director of Out in East Berlin in a Q & A. 



Bettina Dziggel

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East German Activist Bettina Dziggel with tell more of her experiences and activist work. 


Marta Cunningham 

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Marta made her debut as a documentary filmmaker with Valentine Road - a hardhitting story of what prejudice and hatred can lead to. 


Elena Klimova

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Meet the creator of the project Children - 404 and get to know her opinion and views on the propaganda laws and the increasing homophobic climate in Russia. 


Ed Wolf

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Meet Ed Wolf who is featured in “We Were Here” and saw and experienced first hand the devastating impact of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco as well as the courage and resilience of the queer community’s response.


Gus Van Sant

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Special guest of Side by Side is Gus Van Sant! After the screening of MILK he will take part in a discussion and is ready to answer your questions!


Bruce Cohen

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Acclaimed producer and mulit-award winner Bruce will join Side by Side at the Special Evening with Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black.  



Dustin Lance Black

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Oscar winner for the script of Milk, Dustin will join Gus Van Sant and Bruce Cohen also at the final evening of Side by Side.



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