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Features: Competition Programme


A dry comedy that has been receiving many accolades on the festival circuit in recent months including awards from the Moscow International Film Festival.

Facing Mirrors

The first Iranian film to deal with the issue of transgender.

La vie d'Adèle (Adele / Blue is the Warmest Colour)

The film that drew raves at Cannes this year, for its tender, intimate portrayal of two young women falling in love.

W imie... (In the Name of…)

An innovative examination of love through the constraints of the Catholic church, Beautifully shot seen through a haze of warm sunsets and glistening skies, evoking the majesty of creation, in a way that perfectly reflects it spiritual backdrop.

Tom à la ferme (Tom at the Farm)

This psychological thriller from Canada's endlessly inventive and provocative Xavier Dolan follows a grief-stricken young ad copywriter who visits his dead lover’s parents — only to get drawn into a savage game rooted in the rural family’s dark past.

Keep the Lights On

Breaking new ground in contemporary American gay cinema, Ira Sachs’ deeply personal drama Keep the Lights On examines a volatile 10-year relationship between two divergently addictive personalities, observed in a style that is loose and impressionistic while at the same time microscopic in its intimate detail.



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