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Группа «MajaS»


MājāS (formerly Afroambient SPb) is a St. Petersburg based group of percussionists who, despite their young age, already have a good reputation. They are also well known outside of the northern capital, thanks to their innovative approach to creativity.


MājāS performs contemporary pieces, including cover versions of famous songs and hits on the djembe (African drums) and accompanying percussion. Their original work, collaboratively written, is organic and easy to understand because the sound is created by a variety of percussion instruments. They started the group with this idea.

The instruments are amazing – West African djembe, Cuban bongos, Latin American congas, Australian didgeridoo, Eastern darbuka, Peruvian cajon, West Indian maracas various percussion idiophones, and many others. Differing from each other in sound and tone, the overall effect is a wave of sound and rhythm of a singular nature. This is the character of the artists themselves.

MājāS is a laid-back show, ethno in modern sounds and colors. MājāS is a new perception: jazz with 'Fever' and 'Pachuco', the soulful Hebrew 'Af ehad' and 'Mimaamakim'. And the original compositions, such as 'Kung Fu', 'Safari' or 'Umbata' – are representations of emotions so perfect they will give you deja vu. This, of course, is only a rough description of the feel of MājāS's concerts.



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