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Mette Aakerholm Gardell


Mette Aakerholm Gardell:To be free to create, feel and say whatever comes from the bottom of your deepest self is about surviving.

The Side By Side Festival in Russia not only screens films for a small community, it opens up limits and borders both in all of us, and for the rest of the society in the name of democracy. 

I`m proud and scared to be be a lesbian participating in the festival.”

Join Mette Aakerholm Gardell after the screening of Not a Man in sight.

As a documentaryfilmdirector Not a Man In Sight (org.title Ingen Mann i sikte 2012) is Aakerholm Gardell's second film for TV and film festivals.

Her last film Daddy’s Love (org. title Min stolte far, 2007) won the Audience Award at the Norwegian Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and have travelled around the world, from New York to South Korea.

Earlier she made travel documentaries and award winning short documentary series for television. Also award winners.

Her topics are often identity. Group identity and how we relate to each other.

Her strength is - never takes anything for granted and always question why we exist and how we live our lives.

Aakerholm Gardell is a teacher in film and also soon to become an Integrative Therapist. She has created SKAPARVÄRKET, mentorship and therapy for the documentary film industry and the participators in films.



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