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Stosh Jovan


Stosh Jovan: “I was born on 16 December 1976 in Mbarara and I have 3 brothers and 2 Sisters. Am the 1st born of the family.

I went to School in Mbarara, St Hellen’s Nyamitange  for my primary and later joined Old Kampala Secondary School for O’ Level.

Joined Brain Trust Academy where I completed my Advanced Level.

My mum died in 1996 though my Dad still lives. I grew up with my maternal grand parents and when my picture was published in the Rolling Stone I was chased away from home because of my sexual orientation.

Am a Ugandan gay Activist and a Human Rights Defender for 12 years since 2000. I live in Kampala and have been outted in News papers, photos published and arrested many times.

As an activist I face many challenges since the law doesn’t recognize or protect us. Though the law is more harsh on gay men and silent on Lesbians we still face stiff discrimination and rape from the Homophobic society.”


Join Stosh Jovan after the screening of Call Me Kuchu.



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