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Sara Broos

Sara Broos: Showing “For You Naked” in Russia in the context of Side by Side means a lot to me.

But how do you learn to love someone if you´re so full of self – hatred and if you´ve heard so many times that what you feel is wrong, that you don´t fit in, that you´re not worth any love?

Lars grew up outside a small town in Värmland in Sweden. His father wanted him to be “like everybody else”. He tries on his mother’s lipstick in front of the mirror. At twelve years of age he is in love with a boy in his class at school. They have an innocent love affair. They both know. Two years later the boy rowed out to sea and drowned himself.

This is a love story and I think everyone can relate to the longing for love. It´s not important to make clear in the film that is´s a gay love story.  To comment on that. We see heterosexual kisses in almost every film. It was important for me to also show the physical, the intimate side. That love is for everyone and that you can relate to a love story no matter whose story it is.”

Join Sara Broos after the screening of For You Naked.

Sara Broos (b 1977 Hagfors, Sweden) has previously produced and directed short films, video installations and documentaries. Primarily she makes very personal and sometimes experimental films that have been screened at both film festivals and art museums.

For You Naked is her acclaimed debut feature, which has generated great attention throughout Sweden. It received a Dragon Award for best Swedish documentary film at the 2012 Gothenburg International Film Festival. Her recent short Time To Be received an award for best film at Cosmic Zoom, the 2006 short film festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is an advanced level educator in script writing and curator for festivals, exhibitions and workshops at Alma Löv Museum, a centre for contemporary art in Sweden. She has a Masters in "Studies of personal story telling" from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and a BA Honours in literature.



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