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Join Yang Yang after the screening of Our Story - 10 Years “Guerrilla Warfare” of Beijing Queer Film Festival.

Graduated from Peking University with a degree in French linguistics and literature in 2004, she went to Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels) to study cultural management from 2007-2010. Her master thesis “From Queer to Tongzhi – a comparative case study about thematic film festival related to sexuality and gender in Belgium and in the three Chinas” received the “François Delor Prize” given by the Ministry for Higher Education in the French Community of Belgium and “Arc-en-Ciel” Association. She worked for Belgian Royal Film Archives - Chinese Film Fund, served as artistic director for European-China-Audiovisual-Network, and worked as project manager for Beijing Gender Health & Education Institute.

Co-founder of Beijing Queer Film Festival in 2001, and the executive chairwoman of the 2nd and 5th festival in 2005/2011, she directed and coproduced with her colleagues the documentary about the 10 years guerrilla warfare of Beijing Queer Film Festival: “Our Story”. In 2012, she was in one of the jury members for Teddy Award – Berlinale Panorama.

Yang Yang currently lives in Beijing where she is planning to start a first women film festival in China.



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