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Marialy Rivas

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Marialy Rivas’s film Young & Wild opens the film festival. Join her for a Q & A after the film.


Yang Yang

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Organizer of the Beijing Queer Festival joins us to talk about LGBT rights in China.


Sara Broos

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In conversation with documentary film maker Sara Broos after her film For You Naked.



Stosh Jovan

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Uganda has a dire record on LGBT rights. Stosh Jovan, a Ugandan LGBT Activist, takes part in a discussion on state sponsored homophobia.


Mette Aakerholm Gardell

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Talk more with Mette about her personal essayistic documentary Not a Man in Sight.


Eytan Fox

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Leading Israeli director Eytan Fox is ready to answer your questions following the premiere of his latest film Yossi.


Michiel van Erp

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Find more about the making of I am a Woman Now and the first generation of transsexuals who had surgery in the 1950’s with director Michiel van Erp.


Lucy Mulloy

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Lucy’s feature debut has met worldwide acclaim and has been tipped as one of the directors of the future. Don’t miss your chance to join her in conversation.


Seva Galkin, Svetlana Sigalaeva, Milena Chernyavskaya, Elena Ustinova, & Zhanna Zhunusova

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Meet directors of the Russian Shorts: The Beginning


Providing the musical accompaniment to the Closing Award Ceremony is the group MājāS

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The hollow rumble of the drums of hot Africa, heartbeats quickening to dance rhythms, sounds that reflect the joy of the soul – that's MājāS. They will fascinate, inspire, and bewitch you with the harmony of their drums.



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