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Una Noche


USA, UK, Cuba, 2012, 90 min

Langauage: Spanish with English & Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Lucy Mulloy

Cast: Dariel Arrechaga, Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre and Javier Núñez Florián

Una Noche, set in Havana, explores the complicated relationships that exist between three teens, Raul, Lila, and Elio and their relationship with their city. Though in each of them exists a desperate sense of commitment to their family and love of their country, each also has their own personal burning motivation to get out and make the dangerous journey across 90 miles of ocean. Una Noche follows Raul, Lila, and Elio over the course of one day, as they navigate Havana’s complexities, and make the life-changing decision to embark on this voyage.

Lila and Elio, twins that have been inseparable since birth, share a deep bond and love that underscores the film. Elio is torn between his love and commitment to his sister and the prospect of fleeing Havana and beginning his life anew with his best friend Raul. Elio harbors an illicit desire to be with Raul, and has to hide this taboo sentiment from those that he is closest to. Elio’s love and unwavering devotion for Raul propel him to find the supplies necessary for their journey. Una Noche is a film about family, love, friendship, Cuba, deep desire and self-realization.


2012 Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best New Narrative Director, Tribeca Film Festival

Join Lucy Mulloy for a Q & A after the screening of Una Noche


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