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Indawo Yami / My Place

Meet Queer visual activist and photographer Zanele Muholi, at the opening of her exhibition on Idawo Yami / My Place at Taiga on 22 October and join her in discussion on 23 October at Press Club Zelenaya Lampa after the screening of her film Difficult Love.

Indawo Yami, which means 'my place' or 'my space', continues to explore the implications of being black and queer through a range of different series and strategies. Being, a continuation of ongoing work, focuses on a quiet and tender celebration of love within the homosexual community, whether between mothers and sons, between lovers or between friends. Muholi writes:

"Indawo Yami is where I work, where I share an environment with others, where I act on the issues marking our lives through visual documentation. My focus is mainly on being queer (LGBTI) in South Africa and beyond. This is the realm in which I deal with my identity, as a citizen of my country and of the world."

Exhibition Opening: 14.00 – 15.00, 22 October (Saturday)
Place: Taiga, 20 Dvortsovaya Embankement

Exhibition runs 22 October - 29 October, 14 - 21 weekdays and weekend.
Free Admission.

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