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An integral part of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival is the programme of roundtable discussions which take place after the film screenings. All our roundtables include an invited panel of guests and experts. As part of the 2010 film festival four panel discussions will take place and will be held at Press Club Zelenaya Lampa at 3 Bankovsky Pereulok.

Claiming our History! Celebrating our Past!

Following the screening of Nitrate Kisses there will be presentations from key figures who have contributed to the history of LGBT in Russia and discussions: Issues to be addressed:

LGBT history in Russia: personal histories, development of LGBT community and LGBT movement

Reasons and strategies that have sought to silence LGBT history in Russia and around the world overview of LGBT history in Russia

Processes and strategies for rediscovering lost history and presenting the LGBT past to broader society


Roman Kalinin – Gay activist, founder of the gay paper: Tema (1989) and a founding member of The Association of Sexual Minorities.

Elena Gusyatinskaya Creater of the Moscow Archive of Lesbian and Gays.

Sergey Kuzmin Founder and organizer of LGBT Organisation Astarta (1993, Tomsk) and organizer of Pink Flamingo LGBT Film Festival.

Olga Dementeva     - Philosopher 

   Time: 14.30 – 16.45, 23 October (Sunday)
Place: Press Club Zelenaya Lampa (3 Bankovsky Pereulok)

Acceptance of LGBT into the Church

Following the documentary Fish out of Water there will be a discussion on homosexuality and religion. Issues to be addressed:

Acceptance and inclusion of LGBT persons into religious life and institutions

Analysis and discussion of the bible and what is said in relation to homosexuality

Strategies and methods for greater inclusion of LGBT people


Valery Sozaev - field of expertise cultural and religious studies, founder of LGBT Ministry: Nuntiare at recreare

Father Franciscus - Clergyman of Ecumenical Parish of St.. Michael, Berlin 

Time: 19.30 – 21.45, 25 October (Tuesday)
Place: Press Club Zelenaya Lampa (3 Bankovsky Pereulok)

Censorship of LGBT in the Russian Media

Following the documentary homo@lv there will be a discussion LGBT and the Russian media. Issues to be addressed:

Present state of coverage of LGBT issues in the Russian media: tendencies, practices and reasons there in

Strategies for the improvement of LGBT representation in the press and media


Alisa Zurmatai – Activist of LGBT Organization Mozaika, Latvia

Zhenya Otto Activist of the Committee of International Workers, Moscow

Sara Azmeh Rasmussen – Human Rights Activsit, Norway 

Time: 19.30 – 22.00, 28 October (Friday)
Place: Press Club Zelenaya Lampa (3 Bankovsky Pereulok)


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