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Swiss Rebel: Annemarie Schwarzenbach 1908 - 1942


Switzerland, 2000, 58 min
Genre/Subjects: lesbian, politics, history, biography, art
Language: in German with Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Carole Bonstein

Based on recently discovered archive material, this first-ever documentary about Annemarie Schwarzenbach is the portrait of a woman from one of the biggest fortunes of Zurich - a family with open inclinations towards the Nazi order.

A writer, journalist, and photographer, Schwarzenbach travelled the world denouncing European fascism and the exploitation of American workers. A complex woman, she lead an unending quest for identity, struggled with drug addiction, and lived a bohemian life in Berlin in the twenties and thirties. Filmmaker Carole Bonstein reveals the fascinating story of a lesbian political radical, a romantic deceiver and an adventurer who rejected her prescribed role in life.

A model of courage? An eternally uprooted woman? Who was Annemarie Schwarzenbach? A Swiss Rebel looks at these questions and more.







2001 UBS Special Jury Prize at Film Festival in Solothurn, Switzerland
2001 Best Documentary Award, Milan International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Italy
2002 Grand Audience Award, Best Documentary, Turin Women’s International Film Festival International, Italy
2002 Insideout, LGBT Film Festival, Canada

Трейлер «Швейцарская бунтарка»



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