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Since 2008 Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival has brought hundreds of LGBT films from all around the world to Russian audiences. To date the cities of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Archangelsk and Kemerovo have provided the focus of our work. A crucial aspect to breaking down stereotypes of LGBT persons is access to reliable and relevant information and 2013 sees the launch of the Side by Side LGBT Outreach Film & Discussion Programme. Through this new platform we are inviting LGBT and human rights organizations, educational establishments, activist groups, festivals, cultural events, cinema, film and discussion clubs across Russia to organize their own LGBT film screening and interactive discussion event. Side by Side will provide a license free film (subtitled in Russian) to screen, promotion of the event through our own resources and a range of information materials to be distributed. The event should attract no less than 30 persons and is publically held seeking to attract a broad audience.

Side by Side will be on hand to offer advice, however, the project seeks to stimulate independent initiative and the organization or group undertaking the screening will be expected to implement and manage the screening and discussion (semi-)independently. If you are new to organizing a film screening and seeking to participate in the Side by Side Outreach Programme we recommend that you read our Guidance Notes to Organizing a Screening & Conditions of Participation which offers useful information on basic issues such as: film selection, venue choice, publicity, discussion, expert participant selection as well as some of our conditions of participation.

If you are interested in participating in the Side by Side LGBT Outreach Film & Discussion Programme then please write to 


Documentary Films Available for Screening:

Anyone and Everyone
Difficult Love
Fish Out of Water
Gay & Gray
Hello, My Name is Lesbian
Me and Nuri Bala



Information Partners:





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