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Side by Side LGBT Film Festival, Moscow, 18-21 April 2013

Against the backdrop of an ever increasing homophobic climate in Russia Side by Side LGBT Film Festival takes to the capital of the country once again and for the second time organizing four days of screening and discussion in Moscow from 18 - 21 April, 2013.  

Over the course of the festival days 17 films will be shown. This year the Moscow audience will not only have the opportunity to see award winning features including Tomboy by Celine Sciamma (France, 2011) and Beauty by Oliver Hermanus (South Africa, 2011) but the chance to engage in conversation putting their questions to both directors of the films. In the documentary section the highly acclaimed film I am a Woman Now  (Michiel van Erp, Netherlands, 2011) which gives intimate portrait of five women who underwent reassignment surgery in the 1950's and Codebreaker (Clare Beavan, UK, 2011)  which retells the remarkable and tragic story of Alan Turing one of the 20th century's most important people who was persecuted by the British government for his homosexuality will be screened. Among the shorts work from Argentina, Chile and Russia are included.

Within the framework of the discussion programme some of the most sharpest issues are to be addressed including the acceptance of LGBT persons in the church and rights and issues of same-sex families in Russia. Throwing light on issues converning religion Brother Franciscas, St. Michael’s Abbey, Berlin, will be joing the discussion.

Side by Side made its debut in Moscow last year 26 - 29 April, 2012. Orthodox religious activists picketed on a daily basis outside the venues wearing T-shirts with slogans: “Orthodoxy or Death,” and shouting slogans: “Perverts get out of Russia”. Despite their presence visitors remained unperturbed and a total of 1,200 people attended the festival. At all the events the police were present and were in full control of the situation, providing necessary security.

At present it is uncertain if and what kind of opposition the organizers and festival will face this year in 2013. In the event of threats and violence will the police and authorities abide by their duties and protect law abiding citizens or as they have done so many times before opt to support extremist elements who threten life and both democratic values. 

Manny de Guerre
Side by Side LGBT Film Festival

Tel: +7.812.313.9341
Mob: +7.911.710.2702



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