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Statement: I am looking forward feverishly to the Side By Side LGBT International Film Festival and I feel very honoured and affirmed by the invitation. I cherish the possibility to enjoy the great films, learn more about the situation of Russia´s LGBTI* people, get together, find inspiration – and hopefully give some, too...
Especially I want to listen to people´s stories and in my workshops assist the participants in putting to paper fragments of theirs in the language of comic.

Elke R. Steiner is a comic illustrator in Berlin, Germany. Her key activities are comics on biographies, jewish-german history, queer and feminist issues. She showed her work and ran comics workshops at The Feminist Pencil – 2  in Moscow, with RESPECT International Comics in Yekaterinburg, Rosto on the Don, Voronezh and Moscow. Elke's comics were shown at Minsk Pride 2013. Elke has published several comic books and comic strips. Annually she draws live at Cottbus Gay pride and has worked for queer magazines Siegessäule and L-MAG (she contributed the story How to live Queer in Russia? February, 2012). Elke enjoys passing on her experiences in comic workshops.  


Workshop on Comic Art Drawing

Within the framework of Side by Side this year you have the unique opportunity to take part in a comic arts workshop led by Elke.R.Steiner.

In this 4 hour workshop you will have the opportunity to get accquainted with some basic comic art illustration techniques: how to draw faces with different emotions, people, bubbles and lettering and final putting together a story board in order to make your own comic story. Providing a focus for exploration is identity. 

Places are limited and if you would like to take part please complete the application here,

Thank you! 





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