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Werner Borkes

Werner Borkes, Festival Director of Roze Filmdagen, Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian Film Festival: "Since 1996, the Roze Filmdagen, Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, has been organized in order to give documentaries, shorts and films focusing on GLBT/Queer themes more exposure than typically offered by mainstream cinema. With it's 17th edition just wrapped up, the Roze Filmdagen continued to break stereotypes and confront taboo subjects by showcasing stories about an array of popular and marginal topics within the 'community' including love, oppression, culturally based discrimination, legislative issues, identity conflicts and success stories, amongst others. The festival week has expanded into an event that mixes the beauty of film for cinema lovers with a social program for the GLBT/Queer community and friends."


Werner Borkes is the Festival Director for the Roze Filmdagen, the Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. 12 years ago he started as a programmer out of love for short films. Today the 11 days festival is one of the cultural highlights of Holland's capital and was nominated 'Best Film Festival'. It will celebrate its 18th edition next year. Prior to his festival job, Werner graduated as a drama teacher and afterwards he worked as a writer and director's assistant for several popular TV drama series.




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