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Silvie Konings

Silvie Konings: "Art is Freedom, Freedom is Love and Cinema is Art. Every human being has а responsibility to stand for his or her freedom and for the freedom of other people.

As a filmmaker we  have an obligation to the world to show the importance of Freedom and we have to fight for  the freedom of two people loving each other.Love and being you can never be propaganda".



Silvie Konings lives in Amsterdam, she is a filmmaker and photographer. She has been fascinated by images and the world since she was very young. Stories have been told in many different ways, and there are many more stories to tell. Silvie is always looking for stories that move you, stories you can create and pop  up spontaneously.

She is intrigued by how and in what way these moving images speak to the observer.  She then uses this aspect to look beyond the image before them. Silvie gets her inspiration by observing the little things happening around her in life. She then morphs these elements into a surprising new form and uses them in her films.

 Audiovisual  Design for  Silvie is about telling stories and speaking to what you want through the  medium of sounds and images. It is about giving a message to the story thatyou  are conveyingto  the experiencing observer. Silvie feels likethere  areno boundaries  in showingyour  intentions, message,and meanings in  a story. 



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