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Jan-Dirk Bouw


Jan-Dirk Bouw: "It’s 2014 and we still are confronted with hatred and violence against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders. Even in my own country, The Netherlands, we have to deal with LGBT people being discriminated against in neighbourhoods, schools and sports. But to no extend we are confronted with the aggression and prosecution as we see in oppressive regimes like Russia.

 As a filmmaker I want to get a dialogue going with those who for centuries have been influenced by cultural myths, stereotypes and religious dogmas. Confronting them by looking into their fear and ignorance leading to homophobia.

 Although we’re still miles off a tolerant world, I keep a positive focus.

Being part of a brave event like the Side by Side Film Festival means that my film and I can contribute and participate in keeping the discussion alive." 

Jan-Dirk (Amsterdam, Netherlands) studied Art & Graphic Design at the HKU (Utrecht, Netherlands) and Communication & Design at the School of Communication and Arts, London. In 2005 he took a course in scenario writing for documentaries at the Dutch Media Academy / Santberg Institute. In 2010 he was selected for the Binger Filmlab Docucoach program led by Heddy Honigmann.

Jan-Dirk directed various short films (independent and commercials) in the UK and the Netherlands. He wrote several articles on social engaged topics for current affair magazines, like Newsweek, Vrij Nederland andAD Magazine. From 2007 he focuses mainly on scenario writing, directing and producing documentaries.



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