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Seva Galkin (Three Times About It)

Seva Galkin is a member of the International Artists’ Union and former creative director of QUEER Magazine.  He teaches at the School of Modern Photography.
He has produced three personal photo albums: “Indigo” (2000), “RUS” (2004), and “Russian Hooligans” (2010).
He made his debut with the short film “Three Times About This,” which Galkin directed, produced and filmed.

“I am against agitation and loud statements. If we want to convince someone of something, shouting will not work. I can imagine the average heterosexual, thinking of how to pay the mortgage, take the children to the sea in the summer and stuff like that. And here we are, standing on a chair, declaring something loudly, demanding the right to walk down the street in a thong. Well, does it really work?

If we speak about the propaganda, we need calm conversation. We are, after all, the same as they are. We have the same aspirations, by and large. We fall in love, think about our career, as well dream of the sea. We are one of them ...

What about those in power? They are cunning and greedy as they have always been. Authorities want to show us as an enemy. We should not allow it. They’d better keep our roofs clear of icicles and build roads. What about us? We are, after all, someone's grandchildren, neighbors, co-workers. The authorities can hardly do anything about it..."



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