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An integral part of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival is the programme of roundtable discussions which take place after the film screenings. All our roundtables include an invited panel of guests and experts.

Acceptance of LGBT into the Church

Following the documentary Fish out of Water there will be a discussion on homosexuality and religion. Issues to be addressed:

Acceptance and inclusion of LGBT persons into religious life and institutions

Analysis and discussion of the bible and what is said in relation to homosexuality

Strategies and methods for greater inclusion of LGBT people


Valery Sozaev - field of expertise cultural and religious studies, founder of LGBT Ministry: Nuntiare at recreare

Father Franciscas - Clergyman of Ecumenical  Parish of St. Michael, Berlin 

Yana Yanotovskaya - Representaive of the Open Moscow Christian LGBT Community, Svet Mir (created for both LGBT and LGBT friendly people)

Time: (19 April, Friday) 20.30 - 21.45 

Place: Cinema Club Fitil, 12 Frunzenskaya Emb. (m. Park Kultury) 


Different Families - Different Rights?


Following the screening of Not a Man in Sight there will be a discussion on bringing up children in same sex families. Issues to be addressed:

What is understood by the idea of family?

The acceptance of different family structures in Russia

The level of openess for LGBT families and coming out to children: problems and perspectives


Anna Kirey - human rights activist, founder of LGBT Orgnaization Labris (Kyrgyzstan), representative of Human Rights Watch;

Philip Dzyadko - Journalist

Alena Koroleva and Marina Georgieva - same-sex Family

Olga Kuracheva - journalist, LGBT activist - Moderator.

Time: 21 April (Sunday), 18.00 – 20.30

Place: Space Flakon, 36 Novodmitrovskaya Bol, (m. Dmitrovskaya)




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