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An integral part of the Side by Side LGBT Film Festival is the programme of roundtable discussions which take place after the film screenings. All our roundtables include an invited panel of guests, experts and audience partcipation is welcomed.

Bringing Up Children in Same Sex Families.


After the screening of Patrik 1.5 join Ella Lemhagen.

Level of visibility in society of same sex families with children

Parents coming out to children

Changing attitudes to same sex families in Sweden

Same sex families in Russia: issues and rights


Ella Lemhagen – Director, Sweden.

Oleg Grannikov – Founder and Editor of  Live Journal LGBT Grani, Moscow

Time: 26 April, (Thursday) 20.00 – 23.15

Place: Cinema Club Fitil, 12 Frunzenskaya Embankment (m. Park Kultury)  

With the support of the Swedish Embassy. 

Society's Changing Attitude towards the LGBT Community: Experience of Denmark, the Czech Republic and Russia.


Discussion takes place after the documentary film Hello, My Name is Lesbian

How did society's attitude change in Denmark and Czech to LGBT?

What is the situation in Russia?

What methods and strategies are useful for influencing society?


Iben Haar Andersen and Minna Grooss - Directors, Denmark.

Martin Putna - Human Rights Activist, Czech

Irina Kosterina - Sociologist, Coordinator of the Gender Programme, Boell Fund, Moscow.

Time: 28 April, Saturday, 17.30 – 19. 00

Place: Club Bilingua, 10 / 5 Krivokolenny Perulok  (m. Chisty Prudy / Turgenevskaya)

With the support of the Danish Embassy and Czech Institute.

Censorship of LGBT in Russian Media and Press.


Following the documentary homo@lv there will be a discussion LGBT and the Russian media. Issues to be addressed:

Present state of coverage of LGBT issues in the Russian media: tendencies, practices and reasons there in

Strategies for the improvement of LGBT representation in the press and media


Valery Panyushkin - Journalist, Kommersant

Masha Gessen - Journalist, Writer, LGBT Activist

Yuri Dzhibladze - Member of the Council of Human Rights, Russian Federation, Director of the Centre for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights

Mariya Sereda - Representative of Amnesty  International, Russia

Pavel Samburo - LGBT Activist

Time: 29 April, Sunday, 16.20 – 18.00

Place: Sakharovsky Centre, 56 / 6  Zemlyanoy val


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