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Ella Lemhagen

Opening the Side by Side Film Festival in Moscow is Patrik 1.5  Join Swedish director Ella Lemhagen who will answer questions her film and talk about issues and rights of same-sex families in Sweden. Patrik 1.5 -  BOBIK Audience Award Winner 2011!


Tomer Heymann

Twice BOBIK Award winner (Best Documentary, 2010 and Audience Award, Tomsk) director Tomer Heymann  is joining the festival for the second time. In Saint Petersburg he delighted the audience and his Q & A that follows the screening of I Shot My Love is a must, not to miss!


Iben Haar Andersen and Minna Grooss

Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk and now in Moscow a chance to meet the filmmakers of this very popular documentary Hello, My Name is Lesbian. Join Iben and Minna in discusion with other guests to talk about societies changing attitudes towards the LGBT community in Denmark, the Czech Republic and Russia. BOBIK Audience Award Winner, Saint Petersburg 2010!


Lukas Steltner

Lead actor of the film the Harvest is ready to answer your questions on making the debut feature film by German director Benjamin Cantu. The Harvest - BOBIK AWARD winner for Best Feature 2011!


Marcus Lindeen

Successful playwright and director Marcus Lindeen will join us by SKYPE. Get to know more behind the fascintating film the Regretters. BOBIK Award winner - Best Documentary, 2011.


Elya Chaves

Providing the musical accompaniment to the closing ceremony is Moscow singer Elya Chaves Elya actively stands against homophobia and is a supporter of the LGBT rights.



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