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You, Me and Him (Cafe com Leite)

Daniel Ribeiro
Running time

Danilo was about to move out of his parent’s house to go live with his boyfriend, Marcos, when his mom and dad die unexpectedly in an accident. His plans for the future change and he becomes responsible for his 10 year-old brother, Lucas. New bonds are created between these 3 young men. While brothers Danilo and Lucas need to learn everything they didn’t know about each other, Marcos tries to find out if there is a place for him in his boyfriend’s new family arrangement. In between videogames and glasses of milk, pain and disappointment, they all need to learn how to live together.

Prizes and Awards:

2009 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize: Best Short Film
2008 Berlin International Film Festival: Chrystal Bear, Generation14plus Best Short Film
2008 Molodost Film Festival: Special Festival Diploma


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