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Pink Triangle


Nacho Steinberg, Esteban Jasper | Argentina | 2014 | 62 min | Spanish, English + Russian Subtitles 

Carl Peter Vaernet was a Danish-born doctor linked to the Nazi SS and personal friend of Heinrich Himmler, who was convinced that it had a “cure” for homosexuality. This option was perfectly framed in Nazi racial theory and the dream of the perfect Germanic race, and the specific need of reproduction and birth to develop the conquest of Europe and the world according to Hegemonic Plan and the need for soldiers who had Germany.

Under the direction of Himmler, Vaernet at the Buchenwald concentration camp carried out heinous experiments subjecting prisoners to injections of hormones and other substances as well as castration in search of a cure for homosexuality. The Pink Triangle is an important examination of Vaernet’s life and work, beginning in the concentration camps of World War II and continuing in Argentina, with devastating consequences and certain parallels to today.



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