Chambermaid Lynn


Ingo Haeb | Germany | 2014 | 90 min | German + English & Russian Subtitles 

Shy Lynn Zapatek enjoys working as a hotel chambermaid. With her strong fear of human interaction, she prefers the comforting routine of meticulous cleaning. Yet she is fascinated by other peoples private lives. She secretly starts sneaking into hotel guests rooms, trying on their clothes, hiding under their beds, spying on their most intimate moments.

Her daily routine is disturbed by the appearance of call-girl Chiara, an androgynous dominatrix. With her, Lynn will slowly start to come out of her isolation and begin her path to sexual and emotional awakening.

Ingo Haebs exquisite, quirky chamber drama leans on his perfectly paced direction, playful attention to detail, and the spot-on central performance by Vicky Krieps.