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Germany/ Lithuania, 2013, 89 min

Language: German with English & Russian subtitles 

Director: J. Jackie Baier






A tale of passion, humiliation and loneliness, of desperation and turmoil.

What exactly would drive a young male art student to leave his home in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and reappear as a young woman selling her body on the streets of Berlin, in sweaty back rooms, and on the sticky seats of a sex cinema?

For over ten years the photographer and filmmaker J. Jackie Baier has accompanied and documented the socially unconventional life of the now 30-year-old transsexual Julia K. — streetwalker, outlaw and nonconformist.

Julia speaks an archaic form of German that hasn't been used in Germany since the early 19th century. She paints watercolors "for relaxation", as she says. She was at the top of her high-school class and is a graduate of the art school of Klaipeda — and now, in Berlin, she is a transsexual streetwalker who sometimes can't find her way home.


2014 Jury Prize for Best Documentary, Queer Lisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Queer


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