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On a Lighter Side…

On a Lighter Side…

Ce n'est pas un film de cow-boys (It’s Not a Cowboy Movie)


France, 2012, 12 min

Language: French with English & Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Benjamin Parent

Between classes, two groups of French teenagers talk about the movie they watched on television last night: Brokeback Mountain.


2013 Queer Palm, Cannes International Film Festival

2012 Best Short, Melbourne International Film Festival

Do you have a Cat?

USA, 2013, 11 min

Language: English with Russian subtitles


It's hard searching for love in the modern world. Especially when you're a bisexual woman with a severe cat allergy.

Histoire Belge (A Belgian Caper)

France, 2012, 25 min

Language: French with Russian and English subtitles

DIRECTOR:Myriam Donasis

Muriel is almost 40 and still doesn’t have children. Time is running out, says her biological clock. Against her girlfriend’s reticence, she decides to try her luck in a famous Belgian hospital, where artificial insemination is possible in her case…


Israel, 2012, 13 min

Language: Hebrew with English & Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR:Maayan Cohen

Itis the night of the engagement ceremony between Gur and Dikla. The twoGeorgian families are seated tensely, waiting for Gur, who is torn between keeping his sexual identity hiddenfor the sake of tradition or to finally take the step and come out.


Australia, 2011, 10 min

Language: English with Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Christopher Stollery

A six year old boy brings home a piece of school work that provokes misunderstandings and confusion resulting in disastrous, yet hilarious, consequences for his parents.


2013 Best Short, Frameline International Film Festival

A Stable for Disabled Horses

UK, 2012, 13 min

Language: English with Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Fabio R Youniss

Two friends find themselves are lost in life, love and translation.

Beyond the Mirrors Gaze

Canada, 2012, 4 min

Language: English with Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Iris Moore

An imagined world where body parts can be switched to become who or whatever you want.

What are you Looking At?

UK, 2012, 10 min

Language: English with Russian subtitles


A drag queen and a woman in a burkha get stuck in a lift - and realise they have more in common than they thought.


USA, 2013, 13 min

Language: English with Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Bryan Horch

After convincing his husband to retire their beloved, lumpy futon, Nelson is forced to come out in a spectacular way while shopping for a new bed at Drowzy’s Mattress World.


2013 Best Short, Philadelphia International Film Festival


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