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Netherlands, 2013, 88 min

Language: in Dutch with English & Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Diederik Ebbinge

Fred is a lonely 54-year-old man. Since the death of his wife, he has lived alone in a small village. His son disappeared from his life years ago. Fred rides around in the local bus, virtuously attending church and eating his green beans, meat and potatoes at 6 o’clock on the dot every day.

One day Theo wanders into his life. After an initial moment of suspicion, Fred takes Theo in. Like a strict father, he tries to educate his new housemate. He soon finds out that Theo has a special talent, as a result of which Fred again slowly starts to set out into the wide world.

A tragic comedy with a well-crafted production design attuned to the God-fearing, stern mood the Dutch know so well.

Join Diederik Ebbinge and Dennis Wielaert in a Q & A after the screening.

Diederik Ebbinge studied at The School for Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre.

He is a well-know actor, directed and wrote two short movies: Naked and award-winning Success. Ebbinge directed the TV-movie Just Hans and Matterhorn is his first feature film.



2013 Audience Award in Rotterdam International Film Festival

2013 Russian Guild of Film Critics: Main Award

2013 Russian Film Club Federation: Best Film Award

2013 Audience Award, Moscow International Film Festival


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