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Wieland Speck
Running time

This is a story about a relationship between two gay men set in unconventional times, when East and West Germany were divided. Felix (Sigurd Rachman) has been in a happy relationship with an American from Los Angeles. One day when the American comes for a visit, the two travel to East Berlin where they meet Thomas (Rainer Strecker), and for Felix, that is the end of his relationship with the American.

From then on, Felix travels back and forth to East Berlin as often as he possibly can, a dangerous activity because it always raises suspicions in the border guards. Sure enough, Felix is pulled over one day, and that's when the troubles begin. Their love is intense and passionate. But the Wall stands between their being together. There is a way out, a secret and dangerous way to escape, so they can be together. A way that will lead to either freedom or death.

'Westler' captures a moment in history and gives us a glimpse into the gay underworld of old communist East Berlin. It still stands today as a historic and classic documentation of two German lovers trying to be together West of the wall.

Awards and Prizes:

1986 Max Ophüls Festival: Audience Award Wieland Speck

1986 San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival:  Audience Award Best Feature Wieland Speck

1987 Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival:  Festival's Plate Wieland Speck 

In support with the Goethe Institute 



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