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Karoly Makk
Running time
111 min

In 1959 draft soldiers shoot down a trespasser on the Hungarian-Yugoslavian border, the journalist Eva Szalanczky. She was neglected and vilified during the fifties for her passionate truthtelling. Erdos editor-in-chief, who went through the prison of Rakosi, took her to the paper called "Igazsag" (Truth) in 1959. With the newspaper Eva launches a fight not only to reveal truth and reality, but also for the right of being different. Her article written on organising the co-operatives and her love towards her colleague, Livia, starts a series of conflicts that end in tragedy, and where there is no other way out but a blind flight to death.

Prizes and Awards:

1982 Cannes Film Festival: Best Actress Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak

1983 Hungarian Film Week: Best Director Károly Makk

1983 São Paulo International Film Festival: Audience Award Best Feature Károly Makk


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