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The Blessed

Latin American Mix


The Shower (La Duche)


Chile, 2011, 10 min

Language: Spanish with Russian & English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Maria José San Martín

A couple spends their last morning together in the bathroom. One of them is about to leave the country. The other has decided to stay. But who will take care of the cat?


Something Like That (Alguma Coisa Assim)

Brazil, 2006, 15 min

Language: Spanish with Russian & English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Esmir Filho

Two seventeen-year-olds go out at night looking for a good time in the streets of São Paulo and end up discovering a lot about themselves and their hidden feelings.

Awards: 2006 Best Screenplay Award at CANNES.


The Blessed (La Santa)

Chile, 2012, 14 min

Language: Spanish with Russian & English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Mauricio López Fernández

María (13) is an intersex girl (hermaphrodite) who is forced by her father to impersonate the Holly Virgin Mary at the procession of their town, because he thinks this is the only way she can "get fixed".


The Keys (Las Llaves)

Argentina, 2011, 10 min

Language: in Spanish with Russian subtitles

DIRECTOR: Lucas Santa Ana

Matías has been separated from Pedro for a few months and after trying several times to take the beautiful Lucho home, he has made it. Lucho is very interested in Matías and wants their relationship to become something serious this afternoon. Will they be able to realize their desires when the past of Matías and Peter come against them in the shape of "the keys"?

Awards: 2012 Best film. LIBERCINE. 4º Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Diversidad Sexual y Género



Brazil, 2011, 18 min

Language: Portuguese with Russian & English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Rafael Lessa

When desire clouds judgment, Aurora, a hairdresser in Sao Paulo's red-light district, discovers that love is only skin deep.

Awards: 2011 Best Director, Columbia University Short Film Festival



Chile, 2011, 15 min

Language: Spanish with Russian /English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Marialy Rivas

Santiago, Chile, 1986. Luchito, a 13-year-old boy obsessively contemplates Manuel, his 16-year-old neighbor, whom he can see standing by a window in an adjacent project building. Oblivious of the gaze of his precocious voyeur, Manuel discovers his sexuality with girl from the neighborhood. The window turns into an erotic cinematographic world that awakens a curiosity in Luchito, with disastrous repercussions for Manuel.


2011Grand Jury Prize, Miami International Film Festival

2011 Golden Gate Award, San Francisco International Film Festival


Mila Caos

Cuba, Germany , 2011, 18 min

Language: Spanish with Russian  & English subtitles

DIRECTOR: Simon J. Paetau

Every weekend at an illegal drag show in a suburb of Havana, Sebastián, a 17 year old Cuban teenager, transforms into Mila Caos. He suffers from his mother's indifference and dreams that one day she will see him on stage.


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