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Gay and Gray in New York

  • Director: Nikolas Chesla, Cindi Creager, Julie Englander
  • Category: Documentary film
    2000, USA, 22 min
Who are older gays and lesbians? As members of a pioneering generation, gay and lesbian senior citizens came of age in an era when there were no role models to guide them. Gay and Gray in New York City introduces us to five individuals whose stories about love, survival and support envision a society free from ageism and homophobia.

Gerald Busby, 64, tells about his recovery from depression and drug addiction following the death of his partner Sam and return to composing and writing. Ellen Ensig-Brodsky, 67 and Nancy Spannbauer, 60, explain their founding of Pride Senior Network and their desire to give voice to older lesbian and gay people. Rex Wilder, 80, shares his love for his late partner Dick and his current project to publish the hundreds of letters they wrote to each other in 1948 during a year of separation. And Stonewall veteran Storme DeLarverie, 80, explains her activism.

As they break their silence and confront their invisibility, they pave a way for younger people, and in fact, for all of us, to live in a world where it is much easier to talk about being gay � about being ourselves.


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