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Collection "Teddy Award Winners (part 2)"

All shorts in this collection won Teddy Award at Internation Berlin Film Festival in the 1987 - 2007 period.

Peggy Pajski, USA, 1994, 18 min
It's 1981. Trevor, about 14, lives with his inattentive folks in suburbia. He keeps a diary, recording his descent from happiness. With "Endless Love" on his stereo and wondering if people will cry at his funeral, he reaches for a bottle of pills.
Liu Awaiting Spring
Andrew Soo, Australia, 1998, 10 min
Touching short film which threads the ancient art of Chinese Opera through a modern coming of age tale set in suburban Sydney.
The Intervention
Jay Duplass, USA, 2004, 15 min
All Steve's friends know about his big problem and provide him with emotional support when it comes to learning the truth about Bill Parcels, the New York Giant's coach. They hope that this will help him to come out with the truth about another pressing issue.
P(l)ain Truth
Ilppo Pohjola, Finland, 1992, 15 min
A film about a man in a woman's body. P(l)ain Truth tells the story of a transsexual and her/his transformation from a biological woman into a biological man. Using extreme visual means--infrared photography, experimental graphic design and filmmaking--this film describes her/his emotions during the different stages of the painful transformation process.
Isabel Hegner, USA/CH, 1997, 12 min
In this noir-style short our heroine is a compulsive thief who has an unusual compulsion.


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