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Collection "Teddy Award Winners (part 1)"

All shorts in this collection won Teddy Award at Internation Berlin Film Festival in the 1987 - 2007 period.

Daniel Stedman, USA, 2001, 4 min
Celebration is about a six year old boy announcing his homosexuality to a large group of family and friends, who burst out of their seats into applause, shouts of approval and even tears, and we are left to wonder what he is feeling.
Chris Newby, UK, 1991, 22 min
Using superb monochrome imagery Relax explore the emotions of a Londoner as he awaits the results of an HIV test.
With What Shall I Wash It?
Maria Trenor, Spain, 2003, 10 min
Day break in the red-light district of a Spanish town. Someone who earns their living in these parts makes their way home, sits down in front of the mirror and begins to remove their make-up. As they do so, they reflect on the events of the night to the strains of a song from the Middle Ages entitled "Con que la lavare?", a lament about single women which was once sung in four-part harmony. A celluloid tribute to homosexual artistes of the late 1970s, just after Franco's dictatorship.
Stale Bread
Nathalie Percillier, German, 1999, 7 min
The breadfactory's up and running. The girls are going strong. Production's right on target. But here comes Ute...
Precious Moments
Lars Krutzkoff, Jan Dalchow, Norway, 2003, 17 min
True story of a 30 something man arrested for having sex with a young man under the age of consent. The younger man made the initial contact and claimed to be old enough to consent.
Ere Mela Mela
Daniel Wiroth, France, 2000, 7 min
Two men dance a pas de deux in the living room of a flat; the music is Mahmoud Ahmed's song 'Erè mèla mèla.' The men are nearly twins, one blond, one dark-haired, and much of what each does mirrors the other. Through the wonders of stop action, they glide in tandem; socks, trousers, and sweatshirts move from one to the other and back. It is at once a dance of athletes, of lovers, of a team, and of two abstractions. At the end, they roll up inside a rug with large red circles; when the rug unrolls, they have become flattened cutouts that blow away. White clouds pass outside, seen from the window of the flat, against a blue, blue sky.


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