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J'ai tue ma mere (I killed My Mother)

Xavier Dolan
Running time

Hubert Minel, a brash 17 year old, dislikes his mother intensely. He gauges her with contempt, only seeing her out-of-date sweaters, her kitschy decor and the vile bread crumbs that lodge in the corners of her noisy mouth.

Below the surface of these irritating traits, lie the ingrained mechanisms that his Mother has always cultivated so dearly - manipulation and guilt. Hubert, confused and torn by a love-hate relationship that obsesses him more and more each day, wanders in and out of an adolescence that is both marginal and typical, combining artistic discovery, openness to friendship, ostracism, and sex. All the while, he is consumed by his all encompassing spite for this woman he somehow once loved.

After distressing ordeals and tragic episodes, Hubert will find his mother on the foamy banks of Saint Lawrence River, where he grew up. To the mystical sounds of wild geese under a crimson sunset, a moment of peace will arise, as from the past - and a murder will be committed, the murder of childhood.

Awards and Prizes:

2010 Lumiere Awards: Best French Language and Film and World Audience Award

2009 Cannes Film Festival: C.I.C.A.E. Award Xavier Dolan, Prix Regards Jeune Xavier Dolan and SACD Prize Xavier Dolan

2009  Stockholm Film Festival: Bronze Award Xavier Dolan 


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