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Coming Out

Heiner Carow
East Germany
Running time
113 min

It is like a shock for Philipp when he meets Matthias. Now he knows what he has been waiting for all his life. But there is Tanja, who is in love with Philipp and expects their child. And there are the prejudices in society against homosexual partnerships. Philipp plunges into a deep crisis but as loneliness and desperation grow, so does a new clarity. Philipp understands that there is no other way for him but to accept himself and his passionate feelings.

Prizes and Awards:

1990 Berlin International Film Festival: Silver Berlin Bear Heiner Carow “For a sensible movie about the dilemma of minorities and for the deep respect for human rights, humanity and tolerance expressed with it.”

1990 Berlin International Film Festival: Teddy Award Best Feature Film   

In support with the Goethe Institute 



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