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Polina Korchagina, St. Petersburg

It is great that there are such projects as Side by Side. The film festival helps people to understand one another better. Intergration and consolidation - it is a new and right direction for the LGBT community. Only this way can and should there be changes in society: calmly, gradually and peacefully.

Grigory Zaritovsky, St. Petersburg

First of all I love cinema! As art! As entertainment! As a magical fairy tale which each time opens up to us a unique world created by the director! I believe that cinema is one of the most powerful ways to influence people's minds and provide the opportunity to convey to them the important and burning issues of today! And that is why I could not but support such a unique film festival such as Side by Side! Communicating with the organizers, participating in screenings, helping to the best of my capabilities, I understand that right before my eyes a new history of social consciousness is being born. And that's what makes us all breathe more freely. You can tell me that all this is fiction, that the cinema does not reflect reality? So be it! However, I believe that we are moving in the right direction, and what is waiting in front of all us is a long-awaited HAPPY END ..

Roman Melnik, St. Petersburg

For quite a while I followed the fate of the film festival through newsletters. When I finally decided to go to one of the volunteer meetings, it was the beginning of many positive changes in my life, which continue to occur to this day. I made lots of new friends, took part and continue to participate in activist work. When the film festival is taking place for a week-long period you completely plunge into a different life. The atmosphere is ineffable - interesting films, discussions, interesting people and friends, who are so pleasant to work and relax with. I am so glad to be a part of Side by Side!

Tatyana Golubeva, St. Petersburg

I’m grateful to the Side by Side Film Festival for the opportunity to participate in such an important project, to meet with interesting people and, of course, to watch wonderful films, that I would likely never have been able to see anywhere else. I am excited to be a part of something that is really very important to me.

Zhanna Yuryeva, St. Petersburg

For me Side by Side is a wonderful opportunity to really help those who doubt their choice. The festival and its activity is meant to familiarize people with LGBT culture and the possibilty to consider “coming out”. I think there is no better way of explaining and demonstrating this than through art. Helping a person accept her of himself and realize that she or he is not alone – that is what I needed at one time in my life and now I am happy to help others who are in need of the same. Side by Side’s volunteers and team have quickly become my good friends, and for that I am very grateful.

Oksana Sikorskaya, St. Petersburg

What can I say about Side by Side? For me it is freedom and understanding, it is opening new horizons and a chance to be associated with one of the most interesting and exciting cultural events of our city!

Aleksei Levin, Kemerovo

Why me and Side by Side? Because it combines two things that are very important and dear to me. First and foremost is, of course, the art of film. In that sense Side by Side is a symbol of quality. Within its program are wonderful films, which would be an honor for anyone to watch. And for me, an eternal and faithful lover of the most important of all art forms, the opportunity to guide the viewer towards films that he or she is highly unlikely to find anywhere else. That is extremely importnat! Second is the advancement of the highest of human values— acceptance and tolerance— which should be an imperative in all civilized modern societies. And of course, there are the people of Side by Side, whom I find so pleasant to work with!

Pavel Molokanov, Kemerovo

I really love film. It is probably one of the most important elements of my life. It allows me to evolve and to experience new emotions. It makes me who I am. Side by Side screens excellent films. That's the first reason why I volunteer for the festival. The second reason is that I have a small, fast netbook, which is portable and runs MKV-format files easily. The third reason is not so simple. I don't like injustice – and Russian society is the embodiment of injustice. As a child, I was beaten for being small and weak, and for day dreaming in my own world. When I got older, I adapted to life in my tough, backward city. I beat people up, bullied them, and laughed about it. And by doing this I was seen as normal by those around me. But I never stopped thinking about how I could avoid being bullied myself. Only after moving to Kemerovo was I able to feel free. Now I can be an individual.
For several years, I have been a volunteer working to prevent the spread of HIV. When I was in college, I used to go and volunteer at orphanages. I am a volunteer because I hate injustice. It infuriates me that a person can be rejected for his or her appearance or shortcomings – or for something like sexual orientation. For a political opinion they can send you to prison and ruin your life. Since I started volunteering for Side by Side, I have often thought: “Thank God I'm not gay!” I don't have these kinds of problems. I would definitely not be understood by my parents. I can't imagine how much strength you need to hide your orientation and how much more strength you need to speak about it openly. Could I do it? My strategy is a kind of protest against society, with its cruel laws and dog-eat-dog mentality. I am for freedom and love.

Andrey Grigoriev, Tomsk

I became a volunteer with Side by Side because I have always loved to watch good films – films wihout prejudice, without lies, without pretence. I found all of that at the festival. But what's equally important to me is the much-needed work that we, the volunteers and organizers, do by leading a cultural dialogue back-and-forth with society.

Hanna Kuosmanen – Tromsø, Norway

What's important to me is that everyone is free to define their lifestyle and their sexual and gender identity for themselves. Through art, Side by Side strives towards a more open, tolerant and socially-just society. I'm so pleased that I have the opportunity to intern for such a wonderful organization!


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