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Polina Korchagina



It is great that there are such porjects as Side by Side. The film festival helps people to understand one another better. Intergration and consolidation - it is a new and right direction of the LGBT community. Only this way can ans should there be changes in society: the calm, gradually and peacefully.






Lolya Rudaya




Working for Side by Side is a chance to meet interesting people. make friends and participate in organizing a meaningful event for the LGBT community.







Natalya Makarova



I have been writing reviews since 2000. Over this time I have reviewed more than any person in their right mind would do. One of the most powerful memories my year spent in the States was the murder of Matthew Shepard, his sad face staring at me from the cover of Time remains with me to this day. This is one of the reasons that I write for Side by Side.






Grigory Zaritovsky


First of all I love the cinema! As art! As entertainment! As a magical fairy tale which each time opens up to us a  unique world created by the director! I believe that cinema is one of the most powerful ways to influence people's minds and provide the opportunity to convey to them the important and burning issues of today! And that is why I could not but support such a unique film festival such as Side by Side! Communicating with the organizers, participating in screenings, helping to the extent of my capabilities, I understand that right before my eyes  a new history of social consciousness is being born. And that's what makes us all breathe more freely. You can tell me that all this is fiction, that the cinema does not reflect reality? So be it! However,  I believe that we are moving in the right direction, and what is waiting in front of all us is a long-awaited HAPPY END ..




Oksana Sikorskaya




What can I say about Side by Side? For me it is freedom and understanding, it is opening new horizons and a chance to be associated with one of the most interesting and exciting cultural events of our city!





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