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Films: XXY

  • Director: Lucía Puenzo
  • Category: Feature film
    2007, Argentina, Spain, France, 91 min

Alex is a 15-year-old teenager with a secret. Soon after her birth her parents decide to leave Buenos Aires to make a home out of an isolated wooden cabin tucked away in the dunes of the Uruguayan shoreline.

XXY begins with Alex's parents receiving a couple of friends and their 16-year-old son Alvaro from Buenos Aires. Alvaro's father is a plastic surgeon who accepted the invitation because of his medical concern for their friend's daughter. The inevitable attraction between both teenagers forces them all to face their worst fears.

Rumours are spreading around town. Alex gets stared at as if she were a freak. People's fascination with her can become dangerous.

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  • 2008 Ariel Awards, Mexico: Golden Ariel, Best Latin American Film
  • 2008 Goya Awards: Best Spanish Language Foreign Film
  • 2007 Athens International Film Festival: Golden Athena
  • 2007 Bangkok International Film Festival: Golden Kinnaree Award, Best Picture
  • 2007 Cannes Film Festival: Critics Week Grand Prize and Grand Golden Rail
  • 2007 Cartagana Film Festival: Golden India Catalina: Best Actress and Best First Work
  • 2007 Clarin Entertainment Awards: Best Actress, Best Film, Best First Work, Best New Actress, Best Supporting Actress
  • 2007 Edinburgh Film Festival: New Director's Award
  • 2007 Montreal Festival of New Cinema: Quebec Film Critics Award
  • 2007 World Soundtrack Award: Discovery of the Year
  • 3 Oct, 20:50, 250 RUB
    PIK, Hall 1

  • 4 Oct, 16:40, 250 RUB
    PIK, Hall 1

  • 5 Oct, 12:00, 250 RUB
    PIK, Hall 1

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