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Films: Wingtips

This program contains short films with men of different ages as main heros.

Medardo Amor, Angel Suarez, Spain, 2006, 20 min
David, a sixteen years old teenager, approaches his neighbor Enrique in the lift. With the excuse of helping him with the shopping bags, David tries to seduce Enrique once he gains entrance to his apartment.
The Saddest Boy in the World
Jamie Travis, Canada, 2006, 13 min
Timothy Higgins, picked last for the team, is the saddest boy in the world. Friendlessness, suburban complacency and prescription drugs have conspired against the youngster to make this his worst year yet. Musical Chairs and birthday cake can't save him now�at his ninth birthday party, Timothy prepares for a show-stopping suicide.
Marc Saltarelli, USA, 2005, 15 min
In this noir-style surreal thriller, our hero (Alex Boling) seems obsessed with wingtip shoes. Under loose floor boards in a dark attic he hides a shoebox containing the wingtips of his dreams. After a meticulous shining, he puts them on and ventures out into a silent neo-noir world where danger lurks around every corner and imminent disaster grows closer with every step he takes. Soon he realizes that not everyone shares his enthusiasm for his wingtips.
Kali Ma
Soman Chainani, USA/India, 2007, 14 min
When an Indian mother finds out her son is the victim of a vicious bully, she delivers her own brand of vigilante justice. Part electric action thriller, part exhilarating comedy, KALI MA finds the secrets that divide mothers and sons and the love that brings them together.
41 seconds
Tobias Martin, Rodney Sewell, Germany, 2006, 4 min
A friendly phone calls becomes a debate over which boy is the better kisser. There's only one way to decide.

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  • 4 Oct, 19:00, 250 RUB
    PIK, Hall 4

  • 5 Oct, 19:40, 250 RUB
    PIK, Hall 4

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