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Films: Paternal Instinct

  • Director: Murray Nossel
  • Category: Documentary film
    2004, USA, 74 min

Mark and Erik have been together for ten years, and they've decided it's time to have kids. But they don't want to adopt. Is there a woman out there willing to serve as a surrogate mother and help them realize their dream?

Paternal Instinct chronicles two years in the life of these New Yorkers on their journey to become fathers.

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  • 2005 Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival: Best Documentary Audience Award
  • 2005 New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival: Best Feature Film
  • 2004 Copenhagen Gay and Lesbian Film Festival: Jury Award for Best Documentary
  • 2007 Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival: Best Documentary
  • 2007 ImageOut Rochester LGBT Film Festival: Best Documentaru Audience Award
  • 2007 Arizona International Film Festival: Special Jury Award
  • 2007 Cleveland Film Festival: Runner Up
  • 3 Oct, 12:00, 200 RUB
    PIK, Hall 1

  • 4 Oct, 12:00, 200 RUB
    PIK, Hall 4

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